Owner Denny Kemp discusses the latest trends in the April, 2010 issue of Beauty Launchpad.

Cool and Quirky
You won’t see a single hair-centric picture on the walls of owner Denny Kemp’s salon. Instead, his eponymous business showcases quirky artwork, like the large roaring gorilla that’s visible to passersby. Kemp also enforces a cool dress code: “Inspire clients by wearing your interpretations of the lastest runway or red carpet looks.” So, what’s hot at this equally hot salon? “Hair is getting lighter, warmer and somewhat shorter,” Kemp says with a sigh of relief after experiencing a spate of requests for heavy amounts of extensions à la Kim Kardashian. “The styles for spring are very wearable and carefree, yet can be spiffed up for special occasions.” Jeryl E. Spear