Kara W.

Kara W.


A fashionista, runner, and mom of three, Kara has many talents. As a stylist, her expertise is corrective color, whether it's fixing an unfortunate at-home result, or transitioning you to a completely different look. She is an expert in all shades of hair color and texture, from very curly to straight and effortlessly uses your individual features to customize a look that is perfect for you.

"Kara is super stylish, very friendly and knows all of the latest style and hair care solutions."

She has honed her skills as a colorist through advanced training as a Logics color educator and has attended their academy in New York City. Kara was an educator at The Horst Education Center and trained and worked with Horst Rechelbacher for 5 years.

Balayage - starts at $140
Bang/Neck Trim - $10
Bleach and Tone - starts at $130
Full Foil - starts at $140
Haircut - $75
Partial Foil - starts at $120
Tint - starts at $85
Updo - starts at $110